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Public Health England: Rise Above for Schools

Changing lives by increasing young people’s resilience

  • Date: March 26, 2017

Rise Above for Schools uses a peer-to-peer learning approach, covering topical risks such as cyberbullying, alcohol, body image and exam stress. Lessons encourage conversations, building resilience and enabling young people to say no, whilst reducing the impact of social norming by adjusting perceptions of how many people are engaging in risky behaviours. The programme is accredited by the PSHE Association.Reaching young people through schools enabled us to achieve longer engagements cost-effectively and, importantly, build in the peer-to-peer learning and conversations that are integral to our behaviour change model. We promoted the programme to teachers through a multi-channel campaign including Facebook advertising, email and trade and national media.Through Rise Above for Schools, students have had the opportunity to talk about issues that may cause them distress and harm, helping them to build their resilience, talk to their families and change their lives.
"I liked the lesson because it showed how you can make your own choices in a real-life situation and do what you think is right.Year 8 student