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As one of the UK’s leading financial institutions, RBS strongly believe that an informed and financially capable generation will be a successful one. It is committed to delivering on this priority through the MoneySense for Schools programme. RBS has delivered financial education in schools since 1994.

What we’ve done

EdComs worked with RBS to develop MoneySense for Schools. This impartial programme guided students aged 11-18 on how to manage their personal finances, both now and in the future. The website included fact files, videos, interactive activities and fully supported the new curriculum in financial capability. It also supported teachers in delivering personal finance education, a topic they often find challenging to teach.

During their volunteer programme we trained RBS volunteers to deliver MoneySense in schools for 7 years. We also ran popular teacher-training events, as well as an awards scheme on personal finance education. In addition, we carried out a long-term research project tracking young people’s relationship with money and wrote a report on financial capability, which was used to support the case for changes to the curriculum.


  • 56% of UK secondary schools registered on the MoneySense for Schools website since 2011
  • Over 2.5 million students received at least one MoneySense for Schools lesson
  • Research showed that students participating had a greater understanding of money than those not exposed to the programme

“MoneySense has evolved over the years into an online, interactive programme aimed at secondary schools to help make 11-18 year olds better equipped to manage their money. EdComs have helped us shape the programme into an accredited resource trusted by thousands of teachers and used across the UK every day”

Senior Community Programmes Manager, RBS Sustainability


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