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Education in science for the future


As a global science-led company at the forefront of pharmaceutical research, GSK recognises that inspiring young people in science and technology is vital for the future worldwide.

What we’ve done

Based on research with teachers and young people, we worked with GSK to help create their STEM education programme. A dedicated website offers free teaching resources including videos, interactive activities and games, lesson plans, lab ideas and workshops to add real-world appeal to lessons. The programme follows three strands, which reflect GSK’s priority areas of research and commitment to education.

The first strand, Extraordinary Beings, builds on the successful Scientists in Sport programme that GSK developed as part of its partnership with the London 2012 Games, and explores the limits of the human body. It is supported by world class sports personalities such as Beth Tweddle, David Weir, the Brownlee brothers, Clive Woodward, Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button and is available now. The next two strands, Body Matters and Tackling World Health, will be online from January 2015.

Body Matters deals with the day-to-day defence systems that help keep disease in check.

Tacking World Health looks at some of the biggest diseases threatening our future and highlights GSK’s ground-breaking partnership with Save the Children.

We fully supported the programme through an integrated marketing strategy, including emailers, Direct Mail, google hangouts, social media and educator outreach.

The next step will see the programme going international starting with the USA from 2015, and taking GSK towards reaching its global audience.



  • More than 60,000 students visited Big Bang Fair in 2013 and 2014
  • GSK Science Education was awarded 3 IVCA LiveComm Awards for Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility, Best UK Campaign and Employee Engagement
  • The first Google Hangout reached an audience of 630,000

“They have developed a deep understanding of our business and objectives and underpin their work with robust project management processes and exceptional knowledge of the UK education landscape.”

Director Brand Activation, GSK


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