Boots Soltan Sun Ready


  • The aim of the Boots Soltan Sun Ready education programme is to grow the health and wellbeing of the next generation through positive sun safety habits, helping to tackle the increasing prevalence of preventable malignant melanomas and other skin cancers among young people.
  • The annual campaign, aimed at young people age 4–11, parents and teachers, provides credible and up-to-date information with a clear message from a trusted source.
  • We created a microsite and curriculum-linked resources including an app, films, a schools’ competition and a marketing campaign.
  • Research carried out with teachers in our network helped to inform the key messages for the programme.

How does it inspire learning?

  • Through fun activities linked to English, Science and PSHE, including drama dilemmas, creative writing, outdoor science experiments and games, children learnt how to keep safe in the sun.
  • Schools use stickers and downloadable certificates to motivate pupils’ learning.
  • The app brings sun safety to life for children, teachers and parents, with features including innovative, augmented reality characters and interactive challenges.
  • Pupils use the app to complete a series of five challenges across the playground, helping them to get active outdoors while learning how to stay safe in the sun.

How successful?

  • Primary schools were invited to apply for a Sun Safety pack which included sun cream, stickers and school certificates. All 1,000 packs were snapped up within 24 hours.
  • 95% of teachers thought that the resources had a considerable positive impact on pupils’ understanding of general sun safety.
  • The campaign achieved ‘highly commended’ for Best Education Programme, at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2017 and Gold at the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2016.

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