Spotlight on Schools Trips


We understand the schools market

We know that the school trips market is crowded, and that institutions, venues and visitor attractions need to demonstrate an excellent understanding of what teachers and pupils need and want if they are to stand out.

We already help venues like yours ensure maximum relevance and appeal to schools. We do this by:

  • Creating high-quality, interesting and relevant programmes and content, linked to the curriculum where appropriate.
  • Helping you to differentiate your attraction from the competition.
  • Communicating your offer in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Our first step is often a workshop where we get to the root of your issue and develop a plan of action to help you to address it, using best practice from elsewhere.  We are then able to put this plan into action with our in-house team of experts, which includes:

  • Consultants who can advise you on how to refine your current offer, or develop a new offer, to best meet the needs and interests of teachers, young people and schools.
  • Researchers who can use qualitative and quantitative research to help you better understand your market.
  • Schools marketing specialists, who can help you to reach and engage your target markets.
  • Experts who create engaging and innovative learning and curriculum-linked content – from digital and printed resources, to live events and films.

Our experience working with visitor attractions is impressive and extensive; from museums and art galleries, to theatres and stadiums, to local and regional theme parks and resorts.

Want to find out more?

We would love to help you to reach and engage more schools and families. To have a chat about how we might help you to achieve this, please contact Jo Barlow:

0207 401 4000

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