Seminar summary Insight, understanding and impact: adding value through research

29th May 2014

Earlier this month, the EdComs Research team ran a seminar, ‘Insight, understanding and impact: adding value through research’, which aimed to demonstrate how research can add value to work in education by helping organisations to understand the teacher and student perspective and measure the impact of their activity with teachers, students and employers.

EdComs welcomed speakers from A New Direction, City & Guilds and Samsung. The Research team also gave an overview of the updated EdComs teacher research community and revealed the results from a survey that they conducted with this panel about the role of business in education.

Read a summary of the seminar.

There were some very good research approaches which could be transferred to any business need. Zoë Cotton, Transport for London

The presentations were short and focused with plenty of time for Q&A.
Catherine Malcolm, AQA

The event was good, short, sharp and meaningful.
Kevin Cheshire, King’s College London

If you would like to find out more about our research work and how the EdComs research team could support your education programme, please contact Liz Watts or call 020 7401 4000.

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