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We understand the challenges of UK higher education recruitment. We know that it is an increasingly competitive marketplace and that students now expect more from universities in return for higher personal investments into their education.

We are experienced in using our knowledge and expertise of the education landscape to help HE providers to navigate the schools landscape. Our team of specialist researchers regularly help universities to better understand the needs, interests and attitudes of prospective students and their teachers and parents. Our marketing team are experts in creating marketing and communications campaigns which reach, engage and influence senior leaders, teachers and other school staff.

We can use our expertise to provide you with insight into what prospective students and schools want, and how they want to be communicated with, ultimately helping you to attract a greater – and a wider – number of applicants.

What we’ve done

Research and Insight

We have helped some of the UK’s leading universities by:

  • Undertaking brand awareness and perceptions testing with prospective students, teachers and parents
  • Testing and developing ideas for new degree courses with prospective and current students
  • Providing recommendations on how to enhance prospectuses and marketing materials following testing with students and teachers
  • Exploring the drivers and barriers to applying for university, to help institutions segment and target new audiences

Marketing and Communications

We have created many outstanding school engagement and awareness campaigns for brands with schools:

  • Data-driven digital marketing that reaches the key influencers and gatekeepers in schools and colleges who help shape students’ journeys
  • Education communications campaigns that open-up specialist education media for HE brand stories across the UK and beyond

Find out more

We would love to help other HE providers to navigate and engage the schools and college market effectively.
To find out more about the services we offer and how we might be able to help you, please contact:

Kathryn McColl
Research, Consultancy and Insight Director

Andrew Carrick
Marketing and Communications Director

For all enquiries call: 0207 401 4000


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