About us Educational excellence. Building trust.

We are a well-established communications agency with a commitment to education at its heart. Everything we do starts with educational objectives because this establishes the authority of communication and increases trust in our clients’ brands. By doing so, our work has educational, business and social impact.

Since EdComs started in 1995, we have grown on the basis of our educational expertise. Education provides an effective platform for building long-term relationships with consumers – teachers, young people, their families. The ripples spread as the benefits become apparent. Real value accrues to the client and its brand; employees become more engaged and proud, the brand’s reputation grows stronger.

The real world brought to the classroom

Our clients provide a real-world edge to education resources, and this is valued by schools and students. Better relationships are created that enhance the learning experience and benefit the wider community. It’s a win-win situation. Educators gain expertise and insights that are real, relevant and exciting for young people. Clients get to do good and enhance their corporate reputation.

We make an impact

We help primary school children eat more healthily; we open eyes to the possibilities of a career in science; we encourage innovation on a global stage; we explore the future uses of technology. And we do this by making connections between young people and recognised brands.

Our results are measurable and significant, whether we work with multinational companies or charities or public sector organisations.


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Food Standards Agency
in Wales
Learning food safety messages
Premier League
Premier League - Primary Stars
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Recognising young scientists
google science fair
British Olympic & Paralympic Associations
Inspiring a generation
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Preparing students for work